And now for something completely different


Dear Friends and Readers:  No, I have not lost my mind or my way or my wallet (thankfully), but I have taken a break from blogging to write in earnest that pesky novel that wakes me up at 3:00 a.m. in running dialogue.  And to give you (and me) an intermission, I have taken up Polyvore to create something more visual.  Polyvore is a fashion addict’s cocaine.  So much fun but without the sketchy dealer or steady bleed of cash.  And without dancing with the Devil of Discover Card or selling your soul to Bank of America you can “shop.”  So, basically as Blondie said, “Dreamin is free.”  So I am going all girlie on you while my book simmers for editing.  This also keeps me from knit-picking the hell out of it and re-reading it so much that I miss the crappy parts and think I have written a masterpiece.  I am most assured that I have NOT written a masterpiece, but I am writing.  Getting it on paper is the first step off the diving board (and the hardest, most leap-of-faith brave –  that water looks pretty deep).  So while we downshift, enjoy the slideshow of fashion and foppery that my addled brain creates in place of words for a break.  The Writer will be back (just when you were enjoying the silence).  Dream and write on, friends!






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