09/23/15 I want a Snow Day

It is late September.  Pumpkin season is upon us.  But I crave a snow day, a do-nothing, no-one-goes-to-work-or-school, stay-in-your-comfy-clothes kinda day.  Hot soup.  Hot chocolate.  Time to nap, watch that growing mountain of DVDs I have yet to see and books I have stacked up to read, watch the weather forecast and enjoy the fact that NOTHING is moving and the Highway Patrol says stay home.  The office does not expect to see you today.  You have watched the school closings multiple times and it has not changed.  Everything just stops.  (It is more fun, of course, if you know the snow is coming and can stock up on comfort foods and the power does NOT go out.)

In short I want time to stop, the world to slow down, the obligations/deadlines/appointments to stop in their tracks.  Take the needle off the record.  Breathe.  Not have to be anywhere.  At any time.  At all.  For at least one day solid.  It would be dreamy to nap with the dog.  No alarm clocks or worries about how long I slept.  Only get up to eat again and go back to the couch and crawl under the fleece.

I know what you are thinking — cabin fever.  Some folks can’t sit still long enough to tie their shoes.  They will dig out, or try to, and HAVE to get to McDonald’s or the grocery store or some excuse of somewhere.  But I am quite content to sit here and just “be” for a day.  Not to be home sick (that is not a fun way to stop the carousel and get off), but to be well and to rest.  And I want the world to rest with me, to slow down.  We need to declare a national/global holiday for “Be Still Day.”  I am sure there is already a mobile device diet day, but this goes beyond that to almost meditation.  (Okay so I guess my binge watching DVDs is not a true device-free day.)  But you get the idea.  Time to hug your kids, spouse, pets, self.  Time to have a meal together at the same time at the same table.  Time to play board games as a group (okay, maybe online gaming/social media can take a day off so anyone over the age of 3 will be present).

I may be setting the bar too high on taking devices off the table.  And I may alienate a lot of you by saying “Put the phone down.”  So whatever.  It should be a no-rules-just-right day.  No harm, no foul.  The only requirement is that you UNWIND.  A little.  The rat race is humming beneath the surface ready to crank up again tomorrow.  With no end in sight.

Breathe.  Breathe.  Breathe.




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