09/10/15 The List

There is no denying that they run my life.  I am so overwhelmed writing this post that I may have to lapse into bullet points just so I don’t forget anything.  It may be on a paper bag or a 3-M sticky, a napkin, the back of a receipt, or a piece of plywood, here goes:

To Do List

Bucket List



Ten Commandments (one of the first lists; Moses was on to something)

Letterman’s Top 10 List

Christmas List

Santa’s List (naught or nice; guess there are actually two)

People I’ve Slept With (no comment on length of this list)

Phone Book (sort of a big book of names list)

Contacts (the new phone book in my cell phone)

Pool Rules

Ingredients (polysorbate glutinate?)

Menu (I’ll take #6 with egg rolls)

Roll call/roster/credits

Dean’s List

Drugs I’m taking List

Sequence poses of the Sunrise Salutation (yoga 101)

Best Dressed/Worst Dressed List

Resume (basically a big ole list of jobs with no particularly cohesive theme)

How-To List (installation/assembly instructions written in Mandarin-English)

People I need to call back

Appointments I need to make

And countless others.  Feel free to add your own list to The List.  I am freaking out at the length of my To-Do list for today so I better get hopping.  I have crossed nothing off yet and it is 10:00 a.m.












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