9/08/15 Fall = Halloween = Scary Movie Marathon

Favorite scary movies.  There are so, so many.  I love the genre.  Not so much the slasher/don’t-go-alone-you-stupid-teenager/gratitutously bloody versions, but the ones that make you think, have a plot, make you jump/look away/pee your pants.  The ones you want to watch over and over and can’t get out of your head.  You know, like watching the Grinch every Christmas, you gotta watch “This One” every Halloween.

There are some amazing lists out there from film critics and people WAY more qualified to crank out a “best of” movie list.  I can only account for my own taste, so here goes (in absolutely no particular order):

  1. The Ring (I expected to be scared shitless but disappointingly was not)
  2. The Others (clever plot twist gives this one a spot on the list)
  3. The Woman in Black (first one much better than the sequel)
  4. The Conjuring (I like the Warrens, what can I say?)
  5. Interview with the Vampire (not scary, just beautifully dark)
  6. The Shining (and anything Stephen King can cook up)
  7. The Exorcist (which I was not old enough to see in 1973 when it came out but still …)
  8. The Exorcism of Emily Rose (better than The Exorcist in my opinion)
  9. Aliens (1986; although I do not gravitate to space alien films in general, I did jump)
  10. The Sixth Sense (not scary but actually very sad; the end makes me cry every time)

There are more but I am drawing a blank at the moment.  This list does not go deep into the freezer for the really vintage stuff (Frankenstein and Friends), but is more of a Baby Boomer’s list.   (My mother’s list has the original Frankenstein which she saw in the theater in 1931.)  Dracula was also most elegant in its original 1931 version.

I am always on the hunt for the next one, the new film that I missed the first time around or was just released and will make me sleep with the lights on.  I like ghosts and the haunting tales more than zombies, aliens, psychotic serial killers, or possessed toys (although “Annabelle” was fair).  I wind up watching the ghost ones and say, “Would someone please spend 5 minutes with this Earthbound Spirit and help him/her realize they are dead and help them cross over?”  Demons are another thing entirely; MUCH scarier than the once-living-now-dead ghost.   I would take a confused or pissed off ghost any day to something from the demonic realm.  There is no reasoning with sulphur breath.

What is YOUR favorite scary film? One of the Halloween franchise? Home movies of your Aunt Edna eating fruit cake?  Like I said, so many movies, so little time.  Got to start getting them assembled now so I am ready to go in October.  It is a marathon, after all.




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