9/03/15 Can You Find Peace on the Go?

Today is one of those days when the day job is unforgiving, the dog took a giant shit on the carpet right as I was leaving for work at 7:00 a.m., a humongous spider was waiting for me in my bathtub (I would have peed my knickers had I been wearing any), and the act of writing/blogging is last, very last, on the to-do list.  I could go on but you get the idea of a frantic day frought with the unexpected, a heaping dose of stress and a side salad of anxiety.  Can I pull it all off in a mere mortal 24 hours?

Which brings me to this lovely email that landed in my mailbox like a dove’s feather floating down from heaven.  Karma Mantra (www.karmamantra.com) has a Tibetan prayer wheel to go.  To go!  So our Western culture can get a fast-food version of enlightenment in a gadget we can squeeze into our cellphone/computer/television/ipad/social networking day.  Whew!  I wondered how we were all going to be saved in 5G Speed America.  (Although the Dahli Lama has a Twitter following; how does he have time?)  So since I have no time to sit on the pillow, calm the Monkey Mind and meditate, practice my mantras/malas/prayers or yoga, I can twist this lovely little tumbler thingy in my left hand while frantically gripping the steering wheel with my right.  It is brilliant!  It is only $24.00, and that is a small price to pay for a little “aaahhh” in my day.  (If only I had not put myself on an internet shopping diet.)

But I WANT this thing.  I want the magic wand, the tactile holding of an object that can (placebo?) transport my mind to calm ocean waves lapping the beach, a state of grace and calm, a better me.  I am sure that is a lot to ask of this little gem (handcrafted in Nepal!).

The website coos:  “You may also say out loud or in your head the mantra that is written inside the prayer wheel, Om Mani Padme Hum. It is said that once you start spinning the wheel, your negative energy & karma is destroyed.”

Where is my Visa card?




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