8/26/15 Jersey

Once in a while you meet someone who has no filters, who shoots from the hip, who, whether you like them or not, you have to respect. They are no-holds-barred, what you see is what you get, and their passion cannot be contained or snuffed out. There is a great fire in such a person. I liken her to Norma Rae. Champion of causes, even if those causes get her evicted, fired, exiled, or deported. I cannot imagine a world without these types of people who get things done, speak up, and are not afraid of conflict. I cannot help but admire the very spunk and spirit that sometimes is their undoing. They make us better. When you find a friend like this, you know you have found someone who will have your back, fight for what is right, and show up when no one else cares if you are selling candles or Tupperware. Okay, so a Golden Retriever named Norma Rae. I think I will call her Beth.



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