8/24/15 Thunderstorm

britsweaterWe are having a thunderstorm. I love storms. Always have. My five-pound Chihuahua, Yoko, however, does not. She becomes even smaller and disappears under the nearest blanket, pillow, cushion and shivers for all she is worth. It is quite sad, really. But that doesn’t make me love them less.

Until the power goes out. My show. My dinner. My laundry. All the necessary elements of life in the Western World 2015. My phone would be on that list if the charge were low and the charger rendered useless (unless I am willing to dash to the car, soaked, located the (blankety) charger in the glovebox, and crank the car). Then there is the car battery to worry over. What if my car will not start tomorrow? Tonight? In an emergency? In case I have to leave the bloody apartment because the power is STILL not on? Find a hotel? A McDonald’s? An emergency room? A bar?

So thunderstorms, for what they are worth in their glorious flash and crash and flood, raw power and nature taking one back from the power grid – I still have to confess awe. So I may lose the contents of my blog, email, shopping cart on Amazon – at least I have the free hair-raising electrical moments when the roof may go (that tree really, really should have come down years ago), and there becomes a reason for the pop-top tin of pork-n-beans I have in the pantry (now dinner).

Did I mention the roof, um, leaks?


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